Donna Haraway: Story Telling for Earthly Survival

Fabrizio Terranova’s film is a portrait of the influential American theorist and feminist Donna Haraway in her home in Northern California. Haraway is widely known for critical writing that intersects the disciplines of science, technology, gender and identity. The film explores Haraway’s approach to storytelling as a mode of thinking. Moving between personal and intellectual genealogies, it focuses on Haraway’s interests in feminist science fiction as one way to tell stories about the world and those who have the ability to narrate their experiences within it. Haraway speaks to the obligation to narratives other than those of capitalism and the inevitable ecological destruction left in its wake. Instead she calls for locating affinities outside of heteronormative structures and for lapsing the boundaries that separate humans from other earthly beings, designating them as creatures we should learn from, aid and collaborate with.

Fabrizio Terranova (born in Italy; lives and works in Brussels, Belgium) is a filmmaker, dramaturge and teacher at École de recherche graphique in Brussels, where he launched and co-directs the Masters program in Récits and Expérimentation / Narration Spéculative. He is also a founding member of DingDingDong, an institute dedicated to raising awareness around Huntington’s disease. Terranova recently published the article “Les Enfants du compost” in Gestes spéculatifs (Les Presses du réel, 2015).